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Who we are

 The Cornish Barista, based in Mid Cornwall, is independently owned, managed and run by me, Ashley - a 28 year-old proper Cornishman! I have always had a passion for great food and coffee and, due to this, I have been lucky enough to work in a number of different food- and drink-focused roles with some amazing companies here in my beloved Cornwall. This experience has allowed me to  accumulate a wealth of invaluable knowledge. However, I have always had a desire to blend my knowledge of the food and drinks world together with my own character to produce a business that echos me.  I prefer working outdoors experiencing different and new things! Therefore, paired with my love of working events, the outdoors, and the enjoyment of a long and hard day, I was left with one (but perfect) option. Consequently, after a whirlwind of learning and decision making in February 2018, The Cornish Barista was born!


So far the experience has been great and the van has produced a number of noticeable bonuses! Most important to me, The Cornish Barista allows me to simultaneously experience the love and joys in my life. Working an event allows me to spend time with my partner, Susie, who regularly comes for a ride in the van to help me out whilst also spending time in the outdoors, meeting new people at every event and spreading my passion for great food and coffee! 


What our customers say.....

"The Cornish Barista came to assist at our Nursery Summer fair and we will definitely have them back for our events! The coffee was delicious and a good range of snacks! They are also so friendly it was great to have them around! "

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