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Olfactory Coffee Roasters supply us with their 'Knock Out' blend, which changes slightly with the seasons but always delivers a 'Knock Out' coffee!
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Furthermore, in our attempt to minimalise our environmental impact, where possible, we are reducing our use of plastic. Therefore, all our coffee cups are compostable! Even better, if you bring your own reusable mug to any event, we'll give you 20p off any coffee!
When founding The Cornish Barista, it was necessary for us to choose our coffee carefully. A lot of time and consideration was taken when choosing our coffee beans as there were a number of factors that were important for us to fulfil in our final decision. Not only do we want to work with great people who are passionate about what they do, it was also important for us to stock amazing coffee at a  sensible price  whilst also ensuring that our effect on the environment is minimal and that the coffee farmers who supply our beans are fairly treated. We have been very lucky to find Olfactory Coffee Roasters, based just a few miles down the road from us, who allow us to successfully fulfil all these factors. 
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